3.4" A310 Impeller with 1/2" bore 316 SS

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Lightnin 316 SS high-efficiency axial flow impeller (Lightnin A310), 3.4" dia x 1/2" bore dia

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Impeller Supporting Data

Recommended for low-viscosity flow-controlled applications

  • Varying angle options optimize processes by changing the impeller diameter/tank ratio
  • Maximizes flow with ability to add shear options
  • Standard on the LIGHTNIN LFD Flocculator
  • Improves results up to 40% vs. conventional pitched-blade turbines
  • High-efficiency axial flow impellers have laser designed paddles to develop 50% more mixing action for high-flow, low-shear mixing
Type : A310
Diameter : 3.4"
Bore Diameter : 1/2"
Material : 316 SS