S-Series 1/2HP Gear Drive Portable Mixer with Single 11.2" Hydrofoil Impeller

Nettco S-Series Mixer

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0° or 20° horizontal mounting. See Dimension Drawing for details.

Shaft Length is FMB (From Mounting Base). See Dimension Drawing for details.

Specify how the impeller is attached to the shaft. Set Screw is adjustable. Welded cannot be adjusted and requires impeller spacing be specified with dual impellers.

Shaft and impeller(s) are either all polished or all not polished. When polished the impeller attachment must be Welded.

SKU: MS5P1-1-11.2-Hydrofoil

Nettco S-Series 1/2HP Gear Drive Sanitary Portable Mixer with Single 11.2" Hydrofoil Impeller

Price: $4,393.00

Ships: Within 5 Days

Mixer Supporting Data

A Portable Mixer configured to meet your Sanitary needs

  • Designed for Dairy, Beverage, Oils, Prepared Foods and more
  • Sanitary, all stainless steel design
  • Food grade lubricant
  • Washdown (IP55) motor
  • Fully standardized product
Motor HP : 0.5
Motor Info :

Electric, 3ph, TEFC, 304SS, CE Marked, Washdown, Inverter Ready
Dual Rated for: 60 HZ, 1800 RPM, 230 / 460 VOLTS and 50 HZ, 1500 RPM, 190 / 380 VOLTS

Mounting Option : Portable Clamp
Gear Reduction : Gear Drive 5:1
Impeller Diameter : 11.2"
Impeller Type : Hydrofoil
Shaft Diameter : 20mm
Impeller Material : 316 SS